Why 48 Pages?

November 3, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

  • 48 pages is the smallest book you can publish. And having a small book is better than having no book!

48 Pages is an Easy-Book

People are busy! Hand them a 200 page book and it may still be sitting unread on their desk six months from now. Hand them a 48 page book, and even if they do lay it on their desk, they are more likely to pick it up when they need a change of pace just to take a look and see what is inside. Before they lay it back down they have finished reading it. It is an Easy Book, so it makes it easy for them to fit into their already busy schedule.

Speed Reading

People have learned to speed read because so many books are just full of fluff. Give them what they want, and leave the fluff out!

Cost Effective to Print

While it is true that it only costs pennies more to produce a 96 page book compared to a 48 page book, when every dollar counts it is easy to argue that printing a thousand 48 page books may be more effective than printing seven hundred and fifty 98 page books. At least, that is true if you make sure every one of those books gets into the hands of a prospective reader. Books sitting in a box don’t generate leads or build relationships. Make sure you have a distribution plan.

Cost Effective for Distribution

If you will be mailing your books one-by-one, a 48 page book keeps you from paying parcel rates instead of regular envelope rates. It really makes a difference if you intend to use bulk mail (Canada Post now calls bulk mail Neighbourhood Mail™)