We Write your Book

February 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

Hire Ez-Publishing to write it for you:  Many professionals and business people do not have the time it takes to write a book. They are already busy and recognize this is perhaps too time consuming for them. This is why we offer full-service book writing and publishing services.

When EZ Publishing writes your book for you, the book is written in your voice. It is your content. The difference is you provide the information through interviews, rather than through taking the time to write it. It takes the fraction of the time and requires no writing skill.

How does it work?

EZ-Publishing helps make this easy.  First step is book a time with one of Publishing Consultants, to discuss your project. This is essentially a coaching session to determine whether your project is a good fit for our services.

Next, we design a template to help you flesh out your outline. After you complete the outline, we make the necessary revisions to organize the topics into a logical sequence.

Initial phone sessions will be planning sessions, discussing the concept, the goal, the outline, the cover design and other topics necessary to complete the project. Using the outline, we formulate questions for an interview. We will conduct one two hour telephone interview, or several 1 ½ hour interviews to gather the content. We ask you probing questions and your answers provide the information for your book content. In the interview you will be sharing information about yourself or your expertise.  It is never hard to talk about something you know well, and our interviewers make it even easier.

Our experienced authors and writers will work with the content from the interview and convert it into a book. This helps maintain your voice and provides a book that could have taken you weeks or even months write – especially if writing is not your forté.

When EZ Publishing writes your book, we are providing a service that saves you a lot of time and produces an end product that is in your voice.

You will review the draft copy of your book, and again after each edit. Sometimes getting the draft can be a little unsettling. Drafts are unpolished and may feel like a disappointment. However, usually this feeling changes significantly after the first edit.

We provide the draft, for the purpose of getting feedback and addressing major changes before starting the editing process. Editing is truly where the magic begins. After the second edit the feelings of apprehension give way to feelings of excitement and eagerness to get the final product into print.

There are opportunities to make changes, however it is important that the changes are made early in the process rather than after the final edit – which adds to the time needed to complete the project.

The whole process including printing usually takes 3 to 4 months. The printing and binding takes about 6-8 weeks, so real short time turnarounds are not realistic. Good quality work takes time.

EZ Publishing will gladly help you take your draft manuscript through the editing process through to a published book. We offer packages that meet this need.