Why Ez-Publishing?

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Soft Cover Book Publishing

Soft Cover Book Publishing

EZ Publishing makes Publishing EASY!

It takes enough time just to write a book, if you self-publish it takes another large investment of time to go from completed manuscript to a finished book in hand… Learning the ropes of the publishing industry is a marathon, not a race. It also isn’t as easy to self-publish, royalty-free, and get a quality product – especially if you are inexperienced or have limited time. Almost everyone who has self-published a book has at least one disaster story to share. How about pages upside down inside the cover, pages that don’t lay flat, or finding dozens of editing mistakes that the editor you hired missed.

Royalty Free Publishing Services

EZ Publishing is your answer to royalty-free books at a reasonable price. Yes you can do it through Amazon or Create Space, but you will only get a small sliver of the retail price of the book. If you are publishing a book to promote your services or business this simply doesn’t make sense. You need to either be able to make money off book sales at speaking events or be able to give books away. This isn’t going to work if you have self-published through Create Space, as the margins are not there.

You Write – We Write

There are two types of people – those who love to write and those who neither enjoy it, nor have the time. We serve both. We welcome the manuscripts of authors. We also welcome people who are just too busy to write a book and want our help. We are not referring to ghostwriting here.

We offer the opportunity to have a book written for you, without you needing to devote the time. After all, Marco Polo, Julius Caesar, and Winston Churchill did not write their books. They used a scribe or a secretary. We provide the same service – only modernized. We interview you, record the interview, transcribe it, and use that as our draft.

This ensures it is your voice.  Instead of spending weeks, or months writing your book, you are only required to answer a few questionnaires and participate in two interviews. The interviews are typically 1½-2 hours maximum. These enable us to gather the information needed for your book. After all, it isn’t your book if you just hire a ghostwriter. We believe you are the expert and your book should come from you!

“A La Carte” or Publishing Packages

We can customize your package to meet your needs. We offer a variety of publishing packages ranging from printing very few books to printing 500 or 5000. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Complete Publishing Services

We offer various packages that include some, or all, of the following services:

  • writing
  • feedback on your manuscript
  • editing
  • layout
  • graphic design
  • ISBN numbers
  • printing and binding
  • all the way up to including fulfillment services through Amazon


Print Smaller Number of Books

This is a great starter package for an author who wishes to print a smaller number of books. Check out the Authors: Jump Start Package

We offer a wide variety of options including:

  • Larger number of books
  • PLUS Amazon Fulfillment

Looking for perfect bound-book publishing?? We are your one source connection for all of Canada and the US. We publish books in Canada, assist writers, and provide business writing services for businesses in Vancouver, or elsewhere in Canada. You can count on EZ Publishing to be at your service.

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