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Co-op Advertising CampaignsPromoting Local Businesses

Local businesses are the foundation of your community. With increasing competition from online businesses, it is becoming increasingly difficult for local businesses to compete. While a strong online presence is important, it is equally important to make your business a household name. The Kitchen Hack book is an excellent way to invest in advertising in print that will not be thrown away as soon as it is received.

Joint Venture Opportunities

If you are a local business or an entrepreneur interested in marketing the advertising to produce a Local Advertising book, we are open to having a conversation.

The Amazing Kitchen Hacks book:

Advertise in the upcoming Amazing Kitchen Hacks and make your company name become a household name in your community. The books are designed to be kept in the kitchen, along with recipe books, ensuring this handy reference book is at the finger tips of local residents. Your ad has the potential of been seen again and again. The longevity of this advertising investment far exceeds other forms of print advertising.This keeps your ad where it will be viewed again and again.

Print Book and eBook Advertising Program

• 6 to 12 Businesses advertise in a 48 page Kitchen Hack Soft Cover Book (6”x9” Perfect bound)
• Ads are business card size or full page (Therefore less than 15% of the book content will be advertising.)
• 5000 books are printed – 4000 are delivered by Canada Post to a Postal Code(s) in the community where the advertisers do business (usually within 10 km of the business).
• Approximately 100 books for direct distribution to your customers through your retail location. (The 1000 books are equally divided between the businesses who advertised, for them to distribute them to their customers.)
• The book will also be published in E-book format which will be available on our website for FREE download. Advertisers will be able to send their mailing list a link to the digital copy and for customer download. (Your ad could be viewed an additional 1000 or more times, assuming that advertisers have mailing lists and follow through with distribution of digital versions.)


Ad Space – Business Card Size: plus same space in a digital format (eBook).

(Each campaign is set up to meet the needs of the Company who is doing this on a Joint Venture basis with Ez-Publishing)

Ad Space – Full Page: plus same space in a digital format (eBook).


This is a cost effective way of reaching your target market. This book will become a reference book, stored along with recipe books, and your ad will keep on working.

BE SEEN! Back Cover:

Full Colour Back Cover of a 6 x 9 book and back cover on digital copy.

Back cover ads must be visually attractive for the back cover and not look like a business card style advertisement.
ONLY ONE available.

Pay 50% up front to hold the space, and balance within 7 days of us getting the 6 confirmed advertisers. Space is forfeited without refund, if we obtain 6 or more advertisers and an advertiser fails to pay the remaining balance within 10 days of being given notice or if ad copy is not submitted by deadline. If we fail to acquire 6 advertisers within 60 days, deposits will be refunded in full.