Jump-Start PLUS

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Jump-Start PLUS Package:

Ideal for authors who wish to print a small run of their book and wish to sell it on Amazon, in ADDITION to selling it personally. This option is for authors who are not interested in selling primarily on Amazon (for example: if you are a psychologist who will use the book to promote themselves locally – but has also written a book that may sell well on Amazon – choose this option if you want to do a very limited number of books.)

If your book is inspirational, we contribute 10% to charity. We, like you, believe in making the world a better place.

  • Soft cover perfect bound books 5.5 x 8.5 inches less trim (50 will be supplied to you and 50 will be provided to Amazon, with shipping and handling full-filled by Amazon (we charge a 2% management fee on top of fees charged by Amazon).
  • Layout of print edition.
  • 48 page minimum (42 content pages and then index, front and end pages – approximately 10,000 words).
  • Author provides unedited manuscript.
  • Edited twice, with author changes allowed following first edit.
  • Table of Content design.
  • Cover design from choice of 12 stock covers.
  • Listed on our website with a link to Amazon.
  • Layout and design of E-Book (2 e-book formats for Kindle and Mobi provided in ZIP file for adding to your website).
  • ISBN and Library Congress Info (these are necessary if you intend to promote your book to public libraries or sell through major book stores).
  • UPC label (this allows inventory of your book to be entered into any computerized cash register system and is needed if your book is being sold by retail stores or Amazon).


Contact us for details and a quote on your project. Payable in two equal payments: (Deposit and balance in 30 days).  If you are NOT interested in selling on Amazon choose this option.

Additional Options:

Installation of E-book on your website:

Additional pages in multiples of 8:


Book Reorders: (at reasonable prices)