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cover-homeEZ-Promo: Personalized Pre-Written Books

This option is the right choice for businesses or other professionals who do not want to write their own book and do not want to have us write their book for them. We remain the owner of the content – and may brand it for numerous businesses.

These are pre-written books with more generic content than a book that you have written or that we write for you, but would like to distribute locally. Main purpose is business/self-promotion and you may intend to deliver by bulk mail, at events, or distribute from your store front location. – See Below

Authors who want a book primarily for local distribution to customers or prospects.

E-book format also available. When combining the print book and e-book options, you are able to have the best of online and print marketing which gives you an extended reach and a way of securing leads through your website.

Books stay around and keep on working to build your brand. A 48 page book is a quick read, to the recipient it feels like something worth keeping, and it is cost effective. This is why we promote the 48 page book. It is also very cost effective to deliver by Canada Post, including bulk-mail. Comparative to business cards or promotional flyers, books have a greater impact and longevity.

Making a Difference

If your book is inspirational, we contribute 10% to charity. We, like you, believe in making the world a better place.

Book EZ-Promo Package

    1. Soft cover perfect bound books 6×9 inches less trim.*
    2. Pre-written titles (we may write a new title if it appears to be a topic that others in your industry may be interested in buying).
    3. 2 e-book formats for Kindle and Mobi (provided in ZIP file to add to your website).
    4. Books are 48 pages total (this includes index, front and end pages). 36 pages are pre-written content. You supply materials for 6 pages. This can be your ‘USP’ (unique selling proposition), an ad, testimonials, and information of value to people in your community (example: local bylaws or resources). You may also choose to collaborate with two other local businesses and each do two pages. This may help absorb the cost of doing a larger run and doing a bulk-mail delivery.
    5. The 6 pages provided by you will be edited twice, with author changes allowed following the first edit at no charge.
    6. Front cover design provided with updates to your specifications.
    7. Back cover design is provided by you (ex: ad for your business).
    8. Listed on our website with a link to your website.
    9. Digital copy provided for review prior to printing (96 hour review period)*. As your revisions should be done in item #5 above, all revisions at this point are charged on an hourly basis at $60 per hour. (Computer screen and print reproduction of cover colours may not appear 100% accurate due to lighting settings on your computer).
Note: No ISBN and/or Library Congress Info. These are necessary if you intend to promote your book to stores. Extra charges may apply if you require a UPC Code for input into computerized inventory/cash register systems.

Investment: ROI

  • Cost depends on number of pages and number of copies printed. Options available from 1000 to 10,000 copies (publishing less than 1000 copies becomes cost prohibitive).
  • What matters most is what your ROI is? Some businesses require only a few books to get a large ROI, while others need more books and can benefit from bulk delivery.

Without question, this option is most suited to businesses or professionals looking for broad distribution through bulk mail, or giving the book to customers from a busy store front location, as the price per book is much higher when printing smaller quantities. However, if you are a business that stands to get a $10,000 contract by giving the book to a decision maker, it doesn’t take many contracts to recoup the higher cost of printing in smaller quantities.

Compared to business cards, or promotional flyers, books have a greater impact and longevity.


Additional Options:

  • Design and production of E-book: Can be provided in PDF format, or Mobi and Kindle formats.
  • Installation of E-book on your existing website
  • Custom Covers: We offer a minimum of 2 professionally designed covers to choose from.
  • Additional pages in multiples of 8: This option is designed mainly for companies or professionals who are not interested in investing the time it takes to write their own book. However, if you wish to personalize the book more than the 6 pages we allot to your information, additional pages can be added. The cost of these pages depends on many factors: Who is writing the additional content?? Will it need additional editing, a book cover re-design? The printing costs of additional pages, and other factors.