eBooks to Promote your Business

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e-Books are one of the easiest and most effective ways to engage your customer. It often makes it easier to get people who browse your website to engage. We produce e-books for any use, from employee training to customer engagement.

eBook Package Options

eBooks are offered for download for free from our site, or if you intend to charge for the eBook and do not want to pay royalties, you need your own website.

  1. Layout e-book.
  2. Cover Design options.
  3. Options of three e-book formats: PDF, Kindle and Mobi (provided in ZIP file for adding to your website).
  4. Minimum 12 pages counting index, front and end pages (page layout is approx 5×7 inches depending on version).
  5. Customer provides draft of written content. Content will be reviewed and refined by a professional writer.
  6. Edited twice, with author changes allowed following first edit.
  7. Listed on our website with a link to your website so you can sell your e-book without paying any royalties, or provided to you to embed on your website.

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Additional Options: 

  • Load to your Website: 
  • Make available on Amazon: 
  • Ghostwriting: 
  • Custom Cover:
  • Extra pages: