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EZ-Publishing Inc. is different than most publishing companies out there. EZ-Publishing Inc.’s goal is to help small business owners and authors by offering personalized service. Our goal is to provide a high quality product while providing solutions that will work within your budget. We want to have an understanding of your business and your marketing goals.

Meet Kristi


Business Philosophy

Kristi believes good printed products, whether it is in paper or digital, can significantly improve a company’s bottom line. Getting your message out is key! More than ever, people are bombarded with information; keeping the message succinct and clear cuts through the clutter. This is why we promote the 10,000 Word – One Easy Book. It is easier to write, easier to publish, less costly to ship*, and provides enough pages to carry a succinct message. (*Most books beyond 48 pages have to be sent by parcel rates, which are approximately 4-6 times that of a book which is under 100 grams.)

Kristi takes every assignment seriously, doing it with a passion and desire to complete the job as proficient as possible.


Kristi self-published her first book in 1996. After pursuing other business pursuits, Kristi sold advertising in an events directory and published a home and garden guide from 2002 to 2004. She was back to publishing soft-cover books in 2008. She became involved with digital publishing in 2010 and published a number of e-zines. She has been involved with every aspect of the publishing and advertising industry for the past 20 years.

Giving Back and Making a Difference

Kristi has been no stranger to adversity in life, and appreciates everyone who has given her a hand up along the way. She believes in making a difference and in giving back. For this reason, every time an author, coach, or professional publishes a book that is inspiring, we donate 10% of the profits to charity.

Book Design and Digital Marketing Services Delivered with Passion

Kristi’s keen interest in business, taking this information into account, and then using her strong knowledge of sales and business, helps her implement it into every aspect of writing and designing publications, books, and advertising media.

40 Years of Business Experience

Kristi was strongly influenced by her father’s interest in business. During her childhood, he operated several greenhouses, built houses, and farmed. His entrepreneurial spirit resulted in him frequently having numerous businesses on the go at once.

Kristi’s earliest experience with business was working in her parent’s greenhouse when she was only 9 years old.  At 9 she could out sell her dad. When it came to selling pansies she jokes, “I was an expressive kid. I thought that plants had personalities and feelings.” She would be serving a customer and would ask them as they passed the pansies, if they wanted any. If they declined she would reply, “But look at its cute little face. I think it is going to start crying if you don’t give it a home! It is a rough life for a pansy living in a bedding plant pack and my dad lets the ones that don’t sell die at the end of the season.”  Those pansies sold quickly! The petunias weren’t far behind.  Her father also grew shrubs, did landscaping, and grew mushrooms. As a young adult, Kristi owned numerous businesses in the floral industry.

For a number of years, Kristi focused on starting small home-based businesses with the intention of selling them to stay-at-home moms who were fearful of starting a business on their own. At the time, home-based businesses were very uncommon and difficult to license, as city by-laws opposed most home businesses.

At the time, there didn’t seem to be many moms that needed evidence that they could earn a profit, and were gladly willing to pay someone to get a little stay-at-home business going. Kristi enjoyed taking various business concepts and proving they could be profitable operating from home. As an adult, Kristi has started numerous businesses including florist shops, clown costumed balloon bouquet companies, renovations, consulting, orthotics, and health and wellness related businesses, and is always looking for a new challenge.

Home Building and Real Estate Experience

In 1977 Kristi studied the Real Estate course with her ex-husband and supported his efforts as a realtor, in the Real Estate industry. She worked as a real estate assistant until she gave birth to her second child. During her last week of pregnancy, she went door-to-door and successfully solicited 3 residential listings and one small business. In subsequent years, she flipped 4 residential properties and managed renovation projects to increase property values prior to flipping. After flipping several properties, Kristi was ready to take on a much larger project.

Her father’s business savvy (he built 8 houses in his lifetime) again influenced her endeavours, and she set out to be a general contractor. She managed to go from breaking the ground to completion (and occupancy inspected) in only 90 days. It was 1981 and mortgage interest rates were hitting a high of 21%.To complete this project by day 90 and still manage to retain the 16% rate they had applied and qualified for at the bank was a huge accomplishment.

Corporate Trainer and Coach

In 1990 she graduated from university with a BA of Adult Education.  She taught the small business start-up program and worked as a community economic development advisor. This keen interest in education and small businesses lead to her becoming a certified business coach. In addition to writing and publishing several books, Kristi wrote for several magazines and newspapers. She also wrote and published several e-books and e-zines. As a business coach, Kristi has coached and mentored hundreds of business owners.

During the late 1990’s, Kristi formed a business partnership with a chiropractor and built two successful health and safety related businesses. The success of these businesses came from building successful relationships with major corporations, her first being West Jet. Subsequently, the businesses serviced more than 70 major employers with more than 250 employees.

Working with these companies and their employees gave Kristi an understanding of the day-to-day operations of a wide variety of large businesses.  Kristi continued to do corporate training and facilitated workshops for the City of Burnaby, the City of West Vancouver, BC Place, Revenue Canada, and numerous other companies.

She believes this experience has given her an in depth understanding of business that extends to how she chooses to serve her clients.